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Kate and Richie have recently sold this business and is almost fully booked until we move in March.

Keep and eye on the website for when it reopens, which might be Spring 2024.

What is the rate per night for staying in the Pods and what is included in this?

We are $325/night during the week for two nights and $350/night in the weekends  for two nights (Fri-Sun) with occasional one night stays on a Sunday so keep an eye on our website for availabilty.

PLEASE NOTE: Our rates are increasing October 1st 2023 to $400/night for weekends.

We are really encouraging minimum two nights stays week days and weekends but if you can only stay one night it is $450/night.

This price includes the heating hot tub, breakfast (a choice of eggs on toast (cooked by your good selves) or Kates homemade muesli). Hot drinks are provided as well as some other wee extras to surprise you. There is a French press/plunger if you'd prefer to bring your own coffee. The water is drinkable at all the Pods. It is spring water but we do chlorinate for H and S reasons requested by the Chch Council.

We provide all linen, towels, robes, face cloths, chairs (3 types), picnic table, table cloth, toilet paper, cutlery, crockery, umbrella, large chilly bin with icepacks for cooling, a coffee press , tea pot....apparently we've thought of everything. 

There is a Weber BBQ to cook on as well as a single ring burner, a kettle, oil, utensils to cook with, pots, frying pans, mugs, wine glasses, Moccona coffee, Dilmah tea, milo, sugar, milk, salt, tomato sauce, butter, ciabatta bread, hollandaise sauce. Marshmallows are provided for the fire pit. 

 We are very active on social media @Tewepufrenchfarm and you can search others photos using #tewepu on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

What is the cost of the BBQ Hamper/s and what's in them?

The Single night dinner hamper is $140 and feeds two people comfortably.

It includes farm grown grass fed beef - steak and sausages (which have been processed to MPI accreditation), as well as Kate's already infamous cob loaf, accompanied by seasonal things to make a BBQ'd veggie couscous salad. Also a dressing, feta, nuts and fruit and the hamper also includes a bottle of wine.

We can also provide a 'Weekend Hamper' which covers two nights and a lunch for two people. This has all of the above plus chocolate and a juice, but also Richie's Akaroa 'Kanuka Smoked' Salmon on some fresh bread with cream cheese and capers for lunch. It includes a bottle of local (when possible) wine as well.  The cost is $265. 

Because we don't have a commercial kitchen, anyone with allergies or special dietary requirements is advised to self-cater.

Certain components of the hamper, such as the Cob Loaf and Meat, can be purchased separately.

All things Vouchers

***Due to the recent sale of this property we are no longer taking vouchers***


2022 Pricing for 2 people up to 1st October 2023

Week days $325/night

Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $350/night

We are really encouraging two night stays but if you wish to gift a stay for one night it will be $450/night and can be used for a one night during the week or put towards a two night stay. 

Dinner Hamper $130 

Weekend Hamper $250

A single night is $450/night

******Please note a weekend is Friday and Saturday. We cannot get people in on a Saturday as we have sporting commitments and are a family run business and we don't employ anyone. Apologies for this inconvenience *****

1st October  2023

Week days are $325/night 

Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $400/night (min two nigths)

We are really encouraging two night stays but if you wish to gift a stay for one night it will be $450/night and can be used for a one night during the week or put towards a two night stay. 

Dinner Hamper $140

Weekend Hamper $265

If you have an expired voucher we will extend the length of the voucher for 3 months from it's expiry date and is to be booked under our operating conditions.


Vouchers are valid for a year from purchase. To redeem the voucher, DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THE WEBSITE but follow the instructions on the voucher (find a date and email us at kateandrichie@tewepu.co.nz)

They can be regifted but not redeemable for cash.

One night vouchers can not be used when we have a two night minimum.

Any shortfall of the voucher amount is the responsibility of the recipient.

The value of a one night voucher will be put towards the second night, if a night is added.

Any disruptions with COVID will be added on to the length of the voucher expiry, we are human :)

To redeem a voucher, have a look at our availability, pick a date/s and then email us at kateandrichie@tewepu.co.nz and we will send through your confirmation. Please don't book through the website as your credit card will be charged. On our home page is a 'check availability' box which will show if we have pods left or not.


Purchase a Gift Voucher 

Getting to us and what happens after that.

Get your self to Christchurch, NZ - if you don't have a car, you can hire one. (4WD will mean you could drive to the Pods provided you can drive off road). You can't taxi to us and we can't pick you up sorry. You can helicopter though from Chch!

We are just over an hour from Christchurch heading towards South America (away from the South Alps).

     We are 5.5hrs drive from Picton, 6.5hrs drive from Queenstown, 3.5hrs from Lake Tekapo.


You get to us, park on site and we either take you and your gear up, or you can walk and we take your gear up, or you can drive (4WD only).

All 3 Pod sites are private and all have their own hot tub (which we heat for you).

All Pods have Solar Power and can charge phones etc through an ASB port.

There is no Wifi (we had it but no one used it) but there is great reception.

Food: You can self cater or order one of Kates delicious hampers. All cooking equiptment is provided. When you arrive you wont want to leave so come with everything you might need.

The walk to the Pods is 15-20mins uphill. 

The view is amazing.

Two nights is better than one - trust us.



What is the check in/out time?

Anytime between 3-7pm please (or daylight hours). If you are struggling to get there by 6pm, pleae get in touch but no later than 7pm. There are no street lights up the hill and your/our Health and Safety is crucial.

If you are running ahead of time then let us know. We have had people saying they will be here at 6pm and turning up at 10pm. We don't want that.

Check out is 11am back at the carpark.

Is there a hot tub at each Pod Site? (Quick Answer is YES!)

Yes, we are not Hanmer Springs. 

Each Pod site has a private hot tub. At midday we turn over the 3 Pods, and empty and clean the 3 hot tubs. They are then all lit, so are heating for your arrival.

Your job is to keep them going :)


Guest Requirements upon check in and check out.

When arriving, we meet you at the carpark and give you the option to walk or be driven, or take your own 4WD up. We ask that (due to our late check out) that you arrive no earlier than 3pm. Should you choose to walk, please be mindful that you do need adequate fitness to be able to walk for 20-30mins up hill. Sturdy footwear is required. Richie meets everyone at the Pod site to run over how to run everything, and also health and safety around the fire pit and hot tub. A compendium is available in the Pod which covers everything Richie explains, if you aren't concentrating. The view and amenities can be a bit distracting :)

We ask that the Pod site is left as you found it, this does not mean you need to clean, but it does include leaving the dishes done, drying or even better put away, ensuring furniture that has been moved is restored to its original position and the Pod sites are left generally neat and tidy and ready for servicing. If the Pod site is left unreasonably messy, food and wine spillage on linen, requiring more time to clean, we charge a $100 fee to cover the additional cleaning required.

Guests are required to be back down at the car park by 11am. This means if you choose to walk you will need to leave the Pod site by 10.40, or 10.50am if you are in your own vehicle. 

We provide Richie's phone number in the Pod and he will collect any gear should you choose to walk.

Is there a shower at the Pod Sites?

 We do have solar camping showers which are available at all the Pod sites, and can be filled with hot water from the kettle and mixed with cold water when you wish to use it. These are the ones hung from a tree or hook.

They might not have ultimate pressue for cleaning hair but are perfect for washing off after a hike up the hill.

The hot tub can be emptied/refreshed as many times as necessary as well.




What are your Booking, Payment terms and cancellation policy?

Payment Terms
• Our business is all small business, and as such, cancellations have a big impact. For this reason, we adhere strictly to our cancellation terms.
1. Your 25% deposit paid on booking is refundable as long as any changes are made prior to 14 days of your arrival date.
2. If you cancel within 7-14 days of your arrival date, you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit. If you cancel within 7 days of your arrival date, your deposit is not refunded. Cancelling the date of your arrival, 100% of the cost of the stay will be charged to your credit card.
3. We will reschedule any bookings, up to 14 days prior to your arrival date at no cost.
4. If we have not received payment of your stay (or communication regarding payment) by the morning or your arrival, we will assume you would like the credit card on the booking to be charged including the credit card fees.
5. No refunds will be given after you have arrived, should you need to leave.


Booking Terms
Please make sure you are familiar with our website especially the FAQ page as this experience isnt for everyone. A full list of farm hazards are listed on our website.

As we are a family business and dont employ staff check in time is between 3-7pm (at the latest) This gives people time to get to us after work from Christchurch after which an after hours fee will be charged. Check out is by 11am.

 In the case of an extreme weather event we will get in touch and give you some options and will bve more than happy to fully refund. More than 2inches of rain in 12hrs is our trigger point.

 For anyone with medical conditions that might be affected by anything on site (E.g. Pregnant, Heart conditions, Blood pressure, Mobility) please let us know and we will can help. .

Health and Safety. By agreeing to this booking you are accepting personal responsibility with regard to fire, water, walking tracks and the farm hazards marked on farm; you will also heed the advice from the property owners in regard to fire safety around the Pod sites and the farm.

To respect the experience and privacy of our other guests we request that no DRONES or PETS are bought to the pods.


I have a 4WD, can I drive up?

As of February 2018 you can. There are two pods that can be driven by 4WD vehicle to, the 3rd Pod is a bit tight for a vehicle.

We do have conditions though which are; you must be confident, have a 4WD and have driven it off road before.

We have metalled our tracks so all pods are now accessible by 4WD. We have to be careful with this rule and accept no responsibilty for your vehicle or your driving.

A short video of the track can be seen here.

Do I have to pay extra for the hot tub?

No – its included in the nightly price. The hot tubs are emptied, cleaned and refreshed after every guest. They are also re-lit for you around midday so are heating, if not hot for your arrival. In the summer months we may leave later for heating as they make a great plunge pool after your hike up the hill.

I'm staying two nights, will one hamper be enough?

We get asked this a lot and without knowing how much you eat it's difficult to answer.

For the normal person with a normal appetite, you could stretch it out. But if you don't want to worry about food at all, get the Weekend Hamper which provides two dinner meals and a lunch and will get you through easily.

You can take anything you don't eat, away with you.


Are you on Social Media?

Yes we are.  We are very active on social media @Tewepufrenchfarm to find us, and you can search others photos using #tewepu on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

A great way to see photos others have shared and we welcome you to do that same once you've stayed.

What is the mattress protector you have in Tui Pod, it's like sleeping on a cloud?

We get asked this enough to pop it in here... "it is like sleeping on a cloud".

It is from Briscoes 'Alastairs Bamboo 1000gsm microfibre filling' 

Do I have to take my bags up?

No we take them up and down for you.

Do I have to share anything with the other guests in the other pods?

No, just the view :)

We want to go to Akaroa for dinner, is that ok?

Yes that's fine but please don't expect us to be around or awake to run you up and down after 6pm.

You can come and go as you please via 4WD track and walking track but we will charge $50 (for two) one way, for any after hours runs, otherwise you will need to walk up and down with a torch.

....Just get the hamper :)

Is there Cell phone reception at the Pods?

Vodafone reception is great - Spark not as good but we still have reception.

We had Wifi in the Pods but no one used it (so refreshing to hear) even with international travellers, so we took it out.



Can I bring my own food?

Yes you are more than welcome to bring your own food and use all our facilities at the pods (BBQ, gas ring, chilly bin which has ice packs included, pots, kettle, pots and utensils).

Breakfast is provided - Eggs and Bread or Homemade Muesli but if you have food intolerances then perhaps plan for them. Milk, Tea, Coffee, Milo is also available in the pods.

You can order the BBQ Hamper which is $130 or the Weekend Hamper is $250 (both feed two people comfortably)

The hamper includes a bottle of local wine. Certain components of the hamper, such as the Cob Loaf and Meat, can be purchased separately which you can accompany with your own food. 

The weekend hamper provides two dinners and a lunch.

What happens if there is a weather event predicted and it's within the week of our booking?

In the case of an extreme weather event we will get in touch with you and discuss options. We don't want to be driving around the hills in a cyclone anymore than you may want to be glamping in one. Some people are undeterred but we are human and understand this happens. Safety never sleeps :) 
Our trigger point is 'water over the culvet' (roughly 2inches of rain in 12hrs).


I have medical condition/s - Can I regulate the heat of the hot tub?

Yes there are thermometers in all the tubs and cold water to cool things down if or when required.

This is controlled by yourselves at the Pods and we run through the operation of the hot tubs with you on site, when we deliver your bags.

There are also instructions in printed form at the pods, as guests are often not concentrating properly, due to being so overwhelmed.

If you are pregnant or have medical conditions that might be affected by the hot tub, then make us aware at booking.


Will the dinner hamper be enough food for us?

Remember when you book, all we have is your name. We don't know how much you eat but I cater for the mid to big eater with my hampers.

If you are Kim Dotcom reading this, bring snacks.

A one night dinner hamper feeds two well but if you are a mouse then it will stretch for two nights. We are more often than not, here on site and happy to run up with more food if required. No one goes hungry on our shift!

Anything surplus can be taken away with you.


Can I bring my children?

Yes for sure, we aren't 'anti' the midget mafia ;) but most of our couples decide to leave them behind for cost and relaxtion efficiency.

We can only accommodate two people per Pod so 2 - 3 Pods would be needed depending on how many children. An adult would need to sleep in the Pod with them depending on their age.

For tiny children we allow parents to share the bed with them or bring a small portacot. All beds are Queen sized beds.

Can I bring a pet?

We have a no pet policy as we have our own pets and are a working farm.

Service dogs, however are allowed and we will need to see the accreditation.



Why are there two pods per site?

One is a sleeping pod and the other is the utility pod which includes the Bio-loo, towels, and robes.

There is a large chilly bin outside in the kitchen area. Each pod site has a hot tub which is emptied, cleaned and refreshed after each guest.

Nothing is shared, just the view.

Can I use a hairdryer?

No - not unless you have one which plugs into a USB port.

The only source of power is a USB port.

There are four of us, can we bring a tent?

No sorry, we are canvas free :)

If you are travelling as a group of four then you will need to book another Pod.

Ruru and Kereru bode well for this.

We don't discount for two Pods per night as we encourage two nights for the good of your soul.

Do you close for Winter?

We will be closing for June July and most of August this Winter - 2023.

We have tried it in the past but it can be cold and wet.

What is your carbon status?

We are proud to say that as of 2023 we are Carbon Positive. We are part of the ETS (Emmissions Trading Scheme) and have 6ha's of regenerating native bush.

Do I have to walk?

No you don’t. You can be taken up with your bags in the Kubota or if you have 4WD there is the option to drive up.

A short video showing the 4WD access road can be found here.

Do I need to bring any towels?

No, we provide towels and robes, plates, cups, cultery (you'd be amazed how often we get asked this).


Do I have to stay two nights?

As of January 2022 we are really encouraging minimum two night stays. We have one night availabilty during the week which is $450/night.


Is there room to park a boat/campervan/horse truck at the carpark?

Yes we have plenty of parking space at the carpark and at the back of the house.

Bring the boat ;)

Can I bring my own Pillow/s?

Yes - absolutley!

Is the hot tub hot when we arrive?

The hot tubs take 5-7hrs to heat.

After each guest they are emptied cleaned and refilled, then lit. They are heating for your arrival but not hot until late afternoon or early evening.


Can I request a specific Pod?

You can but we may not be able to accommodate that option. It's all due to previous bookings, two nighters vs one nighters, water, access in the season as to where we put people. If you have stayed before and would like to try another Pod then please let us know and we will try to arrange, although once again this is not guarranteed. 

I am scared of the dark, not a fan of open spaces and have never used a BBQ...is this for me?

How to put it positively....No, but we don't want to put your off Banks Peninsula so perhaps a generic B&B or Motel is better suited for you?

If you don't know how to use a BBQ, put wood on a fire, or you need to sleep with a light on, then this isn't for you. We understand that so we just want to make sure you are aware of this before you book.

Can we bring our own water - is the water at the Pods drinkable?

Yes to both but our water is Spring Water. You can bring your own bottled water (one or two bottles is fine) but if you bring a case of bottled water, you will be taking the bottles away with you. Otherwise you are handing over the plastic problem to us. That's just our way of educating you on the issues of plastic bottled water. We will help you pack them back into your vehicle. All part of the service ;)

We are trying to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and if we have safe, healthy drinking water, then there is no need for large quantities of bottled water. 


What happens if I need to change my booking?

Our business is all small business, and as such, cancellations have a big impact. For this reason, we adhere strictly to our cancellation terms.

Your 25% deposit paid on booking is refundable as long as any changes are made prior to 14 days of your arrival date.

If you cancel within 7-14 days of your arrival date, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel within 6 days of your arrival date, 100% of the cost of the stay will be charged to your credit card and you will not receive a refund*.

*With last minute cancellations due to COVID related issues, we require full payment as per the conditions above, BUT we will change your booking date to dates in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Any voucher holders needing to change their booking within a week of staying will be declined.

You are always welcome to onsell your nights booked if you are unavle to make it - just let us know their names.

Is there mobile phone coverage or WIFI at the pods?

Yes there is coverage but no to WiFi. We used to provide it but no one used it so we took it out.


Can I get a refund on the voucher I purchased?

No sorry.

They are transferrable to another person though so you can regift, on sell or use it yourself.

 *As our property is on the market, and if we sell and the business is discontinued, any vouchers that can't be used will be refunded to the purchaser.

What if it rains?

Never forget you are glamping which means glamous camping. If it rains you will get wet outside. We have an unbrella which keeps the rain off over the hot tub and while you are cooking.

If you book in Winter - prepare for winter conditoons and if you book in Summer prepare for summer conditions.

Guests who have stayed in the rain have left not wanting it any other way. It's not often one sits out in the rain and it's pretty cool sitting in a hot tub or reading a good book (also provided) in a warm cosy pod.

Can I Mountain Bike up to the Pods?

Yes you can.

It's quite steep but we have a track that is mud and shingle and would be a great for the keen Mt Bikers out there.

A short video showing the vehicle access road can be seen here.

Can I just hire the hot tub?

No sorry - we don't hire the hot tubs out.

Try Hanmer Springs, Lake Tekapo or Omarama Hot springs for a hot tub only experience.

How much camping experience do I need?

You will need the basics which are;

- how to turn on a Gas BBQ,

- how to light a fire (instructions on how to keep the hot tub going is given by Richie on site)

- be not afraid of the dark. Solar electricity and lights are provided but is not infinite especially during cloudy days. A lantern is also provided though.



Our 'Faulty Towers' FAQ's... For those who've read this far.

If you've read this far then you deserve some light entertainment...real messages/comments we've received!


+ My wife is afraid of the dark - will she like it? 



+ Can you put a sofa in the pod, and Mum and Dad sleep on it?



+ I know we were being tight and let the kids sleep on the deck..but the solar lights were too bright and they couldn't sleep well, was there anyway we could have turned- the solar lights off?

(Our first week we opened) Never.again.

 ---Same person "You should put some tape or something on the glass door, into the Pod, as I almost walked into it"

                We could, but we wont.


+ Is there a Restaurant up here?



+ The noises the cows make in the paddock - is this them having sexual intercourse?

No - translate the moo-ing into "Mum-mum-mum-mum-muuummmmm" or "food food food food fooooood"


+ Can I get hot water to come out of any of the taps?

No, just the kettle. Once it's boiled.


+ The full moon was amazing!!! Did you plan that?

Yep :)


+ I heard that Lorde stayed here, is that true?

Yes and there is photographic evidence at reception to prove it! And then she put a out an album called Solar Power ...we'll take it.


+ Do you provide a Vegan Hamper?

 No, Te Wepu is a farm.


+ I'm on a Keto diet, can you provide a Keto hamper?

No (admittedly the hampers are very much non processed but still...)


+ Will the tiger worms ever escape?

Only if they don't get enough to eat ;) (but no)


+ How big are the tiger worms?

Depends how much they've had to eat :)

(seriously though - about the length of a pin and twice as fat. They are given their name because of their stripy colours)


+ Where is the flush button on the toilet?



 + We had to leave early and didn't eat the whole hamper so can we get our money back for it?



+ Is there water at the Pods?

Yes - vital for a hot tub.


+ Can I cook noodles in the kettle?

NO! Please no!


+ You say you are minimum two nights in the weekends. Can we stay one night and our friends stay the other night? 



+ Is Friday part of the weekend?

Yes, yes it is the fun end of the weekend 


+ Where is the shower?

Nowhere (but there is a camping solar shower available at all Pods, so you can heat the kettle to your desired temperature and you are good to go)


+ My wife's best friend would like to join us for the second night. We won't need a mattress as we can all squeeze in to the one bed. Is this ok?

 NO. (Get two pods so we remain mentally pure).


+ Do I have to cook this Steak and Sausages?

Yes  (sushime sausages.....?)


+ Can we bring our cat?

No (this person then got stuck into us for not allowing them to bring it. (Uhm sorry but allergies for the next guests/native birds/and our cat hating Jack Russell Louie...)


 + My daughter is a student and would like to stay but she can't afford it, can you drop the price?



+ Is there air conditioning in the Pods?

Yes, if you open the back window and the front door.... ;)


+ Do yous fullas live around these ways?

(as we are introducing ourselves in front of the house)

Yes, yes we do.


+ Sometimes I don't really like sleeping with my husband, is there anywhere he can go?

 Can you leave him behind?

 (we joke, but if anyone has sleep apnea we only have 12v so nothing to plug a machine into sorry. We can move the bed to the side though and pop in a mattress which is what we have done for someone)


+ My partner and I are both 17, do I have to get Mum and Dad to book for us?

Just get him a crate.


+ I know you are minimum two nights, but can you change it just for me?



+ Guest "Why would you (us) come into the Pod site at night and take the wood out of the fire pit?"

Us: We didn't, we don't, we wouldn't!!

G "But it was gone in the morning..."

Us "Did you douse the fire when you went to bed?"

G "No"

Also same person "Why would you have a lantern that only goes on strobe?"

Us: (what we wish we could have said: Why would we buy a $200 Ledlenser lantern, that only has one setting?)



Our list of Pod and Farm Hazards June 2021

On farm hazards – Te Wepu 01/06/21

-          All walking spaces on our working farm are uneven, slippery in places, requires sturdy footing and an adequate level of fitness. Please don’t be offended if we over rule you not walking.

-          Ongaonga (stinging nettle) is managed, but present. Be aware of a nettle type plant.

-          Things may fall out of trees (ie pinecones) in the wind or otherwise. Be aware of objects from above throughout the walk.

-          Don’t walk off track as cattle can be in a paddock and electric fences are used.

-          The hot tub has a fire box and will be hot when lit.

-          The hot tub will be full of water so anyone not familiar with water (young children or non-swimmers) to be aware.

-          The fire pit is an open fire and will be an added danger when young children are about and consuming alcohol. The surface around the fire pits needs full attention. Lanterns are provided in the Pods which are fully charged.

-          The decks are uneven in places and solar lights have been placed strategically to avoid tripping or falling off the deck. Please don’t move them or please notify us if more are needed.

-          Tui Pod requires extra care with the deck. Solar lights are placed strategically for your safety. Again please don’t move these.

-          Dousing your fire pit when unattended is VERY important as weather can change when not present and embers can blow out. There is a bucket in the utility pod for this. Take water from the hot tub. Everyone is legally required to respect the fire ban when in place.

-          Anyone consuming Alcohol/drugs while in the hot tub is at risk, especially if you are on medication of any kind. Stay hydrated, and get out of the hot tub if you feel dizzy, nauseous or unwell. Ring 111 for any emergency.

-          There is cell phone Spark and Vodafone) reception at all the Pods.

-          There is an emergency procedure in all the Utility Pod (bio loo) providing our GPS coordinates, phone numbers, local Defibrillator and medical centre.

-          There is a first aid kit in all Utility pods.

-          Richie and Kate are licensed and capable drivers of the vehicles on the property.

-          The Kubota has a max speed of 25km/hr

-          Do not grab any animals (possums or hedgehogs or cats) given them space and time to move on.

Hazards – FARM

-          Bulls and young bulls, heifers and calves will be on farm. Do not approach any cattle in general.

-          Stay within the confines of your Pods unless otherwise given the OK by the Owners, Kate and Richie

-           Troughs are in every paddock, do not swim in or drink from them

-          The fences are electric surrounding each paddock. Do not touch them if you are unsure which one is electric.

-          We are a working farm so please leave all gates as they were.

-          In adverse weather we will advise you to stay put until we have checked tracks and access.