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What is the rate per night for staying in the Pods?

It is $375 per night per Pod. For more than one night (booked through our website) it is $300 per night (ie $600 for two nights).

The multiple night price doesn't apply to two Pod's on one night.

This price includes the heating hot tub, breakfast (a choice of eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce (cooked by your good selves) or Kates homemade muesli). Hot drinks are provided as well as some other wee extras to surprise you. There is a french press/plunger if you'd prefer to bring your own coffee.

Week days will stay at a minimum of one night at this stage but weekends are mostly two night minimum. You wont regret it!

What is the cost of the BBQ Hamper?

The hamper is $100 and feeds two people comfortably. It includes farm grown meat, steak and sausages (which have been processed to MPI accreditation), as well as Kate's already infamous cob loaf, accompanied by seasonal salady things. It also includes a bottle of local wine.

Certain components of the hamper, such as the Cob Loaf and Meat, can be purchased separately.

Can we stay for just one night during the weekend?

Sorry but no.

We are a family run business and don't employ any staff so we are a minimum two night stay for weekends or public holidays.

Just come for two nights - it's waaaay cheaper per night ($300) and better for your soul. One comment we get a lot is "We should have stayed for two nights".

Can I purchase a voucher?

You sure can. If you email kateandrichie@tewepu.co.nz or call 0800 839 378 to we will send out a voucher to you. We can process your credit card over the phone or send you through our bank details. Obviously the voucher is not valid unless it has been paid for.

Do I have to walk?

No you don’t. You can join your bags and get taken up in the Kubota.

Do I have to take my bags up?

No we take them up and down for you.

What is the check in/out time?

Check in time is strictly by 6pm at the latest during summer months (1st October until 6th April), outside of those months it is 5pm at the latest. We are providing an experience. Apart from you not getting value for money in this experience arriving in the dark, we don't employ staff and have a young family so we appreicate your understanding with this policy.  We will encourage you to rebook if this isn't possible otherwise an after hours fee will be charged.

Check out is 11am back at the carpark.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you are more than welcome to bring your own food and use all our facilities at the pods (BBQ, gas ring, chilly bin, pots, kettle, pots and utensils). 

You can order the BBQ Hamper which is $100 (and feeds two people comfortably) The hamper includes a bottle of local wine. Certain components of the hamper, such as the Cob Loaf and Meat, can be purchased separately which you can accompany with your own food.

Why are there two pods per site?

One is a sleeping pod and the other is the utility pod which includes the Bio-loo, towels, and robes.

There is a large chilly bin outside in the kitchen area. Each pod site has a hot tub which is emptied, cleaned and refreshed after each guest.

Do I have to share anything with the other guests in the other pods?

No, just the view :)

Do I have to pay extra for the hot tub?

No – its included in the nightly price. The hot tubs are emptied, cleaned and refreshed after every guest. They are also re-lit for you around midday so are heating, if not hot for your arrival. In the summer months we may leave later for heating as they make a great plunge pool after your hike up the hill.

We've heard there is a helicopter option...tell me more?

YES! We are working with Christchurch Helicopters to offer this option. 

If you get in touch with us kateandrichie@tewepu.co.nz or select the option at booking we will work with you and the team at Christchurch Helicopters to make it happen.

The cost is $1200 one way (for two people it's $600 each) or $2400 for a return trip for two. No car hire and what a way to arrive! Just a short trip or walk from the helicopter paddock to your pod. 


I have a voucher, how do I redeem it?

Just email kate@tewepu.co.nz or call 0800 TeWepu and we will check availability and manually book you in.

Note weekends minimum two night stays. You will need to book a weekday or Sunday night if you have a one night voucher or purchase another night for the weekends. We can help you with that.

What happens if I need to change my booking?

We have a cancellation policy of 7 days (I.e we need to know before 7 days of your booking if you can't make it otherwise you loose your deposit). We are happy if you sell your night to someone you know if you can't make it. Just let us know this and their names. Otherwise get in touch wth us if you don't have any luck and we will advertise for you.

Can I bring a pet?

No, we have a no pet policy as we have our own pets and are a working farm. 

What happens if there is a weather event predicted and it's within the week of our booking?

In the case of an extreme weather event we will get in touch with you and discuss options. We don't want to be driving around the hills in a cyclone anymore than you may want to be glamping in one. Some people are undeterred but we are human and understand this happens. Safety never sleeps :) 
Our trigger point is 'water over the culvet' (roughly 2inches of rain in 12hrs).


There are four of us, can we bring a tent?

No sorry, we are canvas free :)

If you are travelling as a group of four then you will need to book another Pod.

Ruru and Kereru bode well for this.

We don't discount for two Pods per night as we encourage two nights for the good of your soul.

How much camping experience do I need?

You will need the basics which are;

- how to turn on a Gas BBQ,

- how to light a fire (instructions on how to keep the hot tub going is given by Richie on site)

- be not afraid of the dark. Solar electricity and lights are provided but is not infinite especially during cloudy days and when the WiFi is in full use. A lantern is also provided though.